Sandra Bear Davis : Appalachian Folk Medicine Woman


Welcome to the wonderful world of Appalachian Folk Medicine!

I am your hostess-The Appalachian Folk Medicine Woman : Sandra Bear Davis

Unlike most "healers" I am a Medical Intuitive and SEER- I see into many dimensional realities all at one time - including past and future life, I see any spirit attachments,cords of attachment and literally SEE the energy body.I see the MOMENT illness began to manifest and have the ability to BEND time in order to go back to when the water whithin the cells of the body were perfectly healthy-and help them REMEMBER that pure health!
  I incarnated to heal millions with hands and voice and crystals-with my herbal concoctions,healing tea and energy infused soups!
You need to look at the calendar for times to come and for days I am available!
Besides being open weekdays for healing or counsel  3 to 7 pm
I am writing a book,doing art work,homesteading and doing a radio show!
I write Manifestation E-books!
I am Midas Spinning Energy Into Gold: Wealth Manifestation Ceremony of Abundance for Lightworkers!
King Midas was not the greedy King of parables-but a Master of Spiritual Alchemy!
Not only to manifest funds so your own life is easier(that is part of it too of course )
Prosperity manifested is to be used as well in a "New Earth" paradigm of unselfish service to the Greater Good!
I was gifted this ceremony by the Angels after my Near Death Expereince.
I used to do the ceremony quite often in person but this e-book is 1)much less expensive 2)available world wide!
I work,live and play as a traditional  Appalachian Folk  Medicine Woman. I do energy healing , herbal healing, crystal and vibrational healing.
I hear the Angels and the Nunnehi / Faeries -speak... I heal with hands,voice ,crystals, healing energy infused soup,herbal tea,tinctures,tonics,elixirs, laying on of hands and healing prayers and songs!
I drum, sage, sing, see into alternate dimensions. It is a  gift passed down in my family since time began!
I communicate with the healing plants, the trees, the Elements , the very soil and intelligence of the cosmos. the stones and the water,
I am an empath-I feel what the ones coming to me feel-this aids in being able to transmute their pain through me as a transport medium.
I have seen miracles far beyond what ordinary humans experience.
I walk in power as a Medicine Woman.
I use this power to serve Great Spirit,Mother Earth and humanity!
I invite you to come visit my Nunnehi The Gentle Homestead for healing very soon!
It is my humble home healing and art space!
I love being a servant of love and light! I am honored  to work wth an extremely powerful ancient energy healing system that  works most powerfully when I understand that to DO powerful work-I must KNOW that  I AM  powerful..and YET-all glory goes to our Creator!  Whom I call-The Great Spirit .

I cannot be powerful in your behalf  UNLESS... I KNOW I AM..and own my gifts and abilities fully!
 My training has been over 51 years and began when I was born-but the past 7 years has been primarily shamanic and energy healing as well as honing my herbal tonics, infused oils and vinegars, tinctures and elixirs!

I am very blessed to come from an age old lineage of healers on both my Cherokee side and My Celtic/Irish side of the family.
I sing the notes of creation and healing energy as a living magick flute.
I look into the astral and other spirit dimensions to see if any disruptive spirit energies are a base cause of your illness - and  place protections in your life to make these psychic attachs cease. You are now under my protective energy.
Medical Intuitive, Psychic Surgeon, Healer extraordinare!

I have had too many miracles of healing happen to ever doubt the powerful healing energy passed down in my family coupled with lifelong training in the heaing arts has produced a Healing Master.

It is my honor to be a powerful healer and servant of  mankind, Great Spirit and Mother Earth.
Trained from birth the healing ways of the Appalachian Folk Medicine People Sandra Bear Davis is a medical intuitive,shamanic trance medium healer and powerful psychic surgeon. She is aligned with the healing energy of the Earth,the Spirits of Nature,the angelic realm and the 8th Dimensional Crystal Healing Palaces. Usui and Seichim Reiki Master teacher,Certified Haumana Shaman,herbalist,internet radio personality

Spending time in WNC Mtns in the forest near Brevard NC at her homestead doing healing retreats and teaching the olde ways of the Medicine Folk .To share the Appalachian Folk Medicine healing Ways she travels regularly to the DC Metro Area as well as South Florida,Pittsburgh,Sedona AZ, and this next year Hawaii ,Ireland  and Bali .
She has a large herb garden and wildcrafts herbs making her own tinctures,tonics,healing salves,elixirs and lotions/potions!
Besides group energy healing circles, classes in herbalism,energy healing,intuitive development and sacred dance -She does  private healing and intuitive counsel appointments and also w/o appt call Mon to Sat from 10 am to Midnight 1-888-693-8437 ext 04268117
 Radio show
Free energy healing sent out over  internet the  radio show!
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